Not just tailoring

We aren't just tailors - we are Bespoke Shirtmakers too. Choose from a wide range of collar and cuff styles to get the shirt that matches your handmade suit or jacket perfectly.

Our pricelist


  • Bespoke two piece suitsfrom £1,350
  • Bespoke three piece suitsfrom £1,650
  • Bespoke two piece suit + extra trousersfrom £1,710


  • Bespoke tweed jacketsfrom £1,050
  • Bespoke linen jacketsfrom £1,050


  • Bespoke overcoat (1)Sfrom £1,325
  • Bespoke overcoatsfrom £1,325


  • Bespoke chinosfrom £360
  • Bespoke flannel trousersfrom £395

Formal Wear

  • Bespoke dinner jacketsfrom £1,150
  • Bespoke two piece dinner suitsfrom £1,595
  • Bespoke three piece dinner suitsfrom £1,900
  • Bespoke morning suitsfrom £2,025

Casual Wear

  • Bespoke travel jacketsfrom £1,050
The price of our handmade city tailored shirts depends on a few things, but mainly the cloth. Read more about our prices.

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