Our garments

Each and every one of our bespoke garments is handmade for you, right here in the Square Mile.

Bespoke Suits


A man looks his best when wearing a suit. Our bespoke suits are cut with a strong shoulder for a sharp figure and a high armhole for comfort. Other details include a high gorge (the notch where the lapel meets the collar) and a full canvas.


Bespoke Jackets


As offices get more casual, jackets (we sometimes call them 'sports coats') come into their own. They are Ideal for creative and tech work environments or to look smart at a weekend function; a winter tweed or summer linen bespoke jacket will be the most versatile and best loved item in your wardrobe.


Bespoke Overcoats


A handmade overcoat is a luxury, a statement and a really useful thing to have. Our bespoke overcoats are made in the city to suit the ever inclement local conditions. There are lots of options, including belted backs, ulster collars and many others. Come in for a consultation to find out more.


Bespoke Trousers


A bespoke pair of trousers will always be a cut above anything you can get Ready to Wear. We make all kinds including chinos, flannel or corduroy.

Bespoke Formal Wear

Formal Wear

Weddings, races, awards ceremonies or just causally accepting that knighthood, our formal wear will have you set.


Bespoke Casual Wear

Casual Wear

Having clothes that fit properly isn't limited to the office, we can make a wide range of casual garments too. Relaxed doesn't have to mean scruffy.


Bespoke Shirts


We aren't just tailors - we are Bespoke Shirtmakers too. Choose from a wide range of collar and cuff styles to get the shirt that matches your handmade suit or jacket perfectly.

The price of a bespoke garment will vary depending on the cloth you choose. Find out more about our prices.

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