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Solbiati for the summer

17th June 2019

With summer finally in full swing it's are getting hot in the City. Any gentleman still wearing his winter woolens on the tube has our sympathies.

Fear not, there's no need to sacrifice your sartorial standards in the name of comfort - we stock plenty of fabrics that'll make a bespoke suit that feels cool to wear. We are especially excited to be stocking bunches from Solbiati. Founded in 1874 and specialising in Linens and Cotton since 1958, these Italians know their tailoring and how to handle the heat.

solbiati summer linens

Linen famously creases and we think this is one of the best features of it, adding an extra level of personalisation to an already bespoke garment. Each of those wrinkles or creases is there from you wearing it. Fans of raw denim will already know the pleasure of seeing a garment take the shape of its owner over time.

Linen wedding suit

The amount of creasing can vary - heavier cloths will crease less. If you like the idea of that personalised look but would prefer a little moderation more weight will be for you. There's also the option of a blend of wool, linen and / or silk. These blended fabrics will aquire some of the characteristics of their components - wearing cool like linen, staying sharp like wool. They are an excellent option if you think that a full linen suit is a little too informal for your requirements.

summer cotton suitings

That's very far from being the end of the options, there also cottons or high twist woolens like crispaire or fresco. Book an appointment to come in for a conversation about a suit that won't have you arriving at the office hot and bothered. Regardless of your requirements, we will help you find the summer fabric you need.

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