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A morning suit for Royal Ascot

11th June 2019

We are only a week away from the Royal Ascot weekend and we are delighted to have completed a beautiful morning coat for a client. The cloth is by Harrissons of Edinburgh and it has a Silk braid applied by hand. This is a stunning finishing touch to a morning coat that will set it apart from the thousands that will be worn during the worlds most famous of all equestrian events.

morning coat

Morning dress is the height of elegance, it’s historic roots stem from the practice of gentlemen in the 19th century riding a horse in the morning with a cut away front. In the Edwardian era it took over in popularity from the “Frock” coat as the standard daytime form of men’s full dress.

It's often said that full morning dress is an extravagance too far as there are too few opportunities to wear it. We don't agree at all. You simply need to spend more time at the races.

And if you need an excuse to be at the races, a new morning coat is as good as it gets.

morning coat details

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